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Thursday, February 15, 2007

For Al-Aqsa mosque

Bloggers uprising for Al Aqsa

The recent Zionist attacks on the holy Aqsa mosque are violations of all international treaties and a severe violation for Muslims rights and their holy sites.
The excavations under the Aqsa Mosque and the demolition of the Moroccan Gate, or the gate of the prophet and the silence of Arabic and international authorities, is a clear indication of condoning such acts.

This is a link for images of the excavations under the Aqsa Mosque to copy and paste inside the article

We want the world to bear witness that the Aqsa is our mosque and history and geography are our witnesses. We will never accept its demolition, partitioning, or Jewization.
The Aqsa mosque is not just for people of Jerusalem, or Palestinians or Arabs, the Aqsa mosque is for One billion, three hundred Muslims in the world.

Al-Aqsa mosque is in our hearts.

And to the people of Palestine, we are with you, with our prayers, hearts and souls. And lets all be united under the same goal.