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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A new start!

I know there are many blogs which talks about crushing of cultures for the sake of what so called freedom!
Now is there are limits to Freedom?
would mankind benfits of this unlimited freedom?
Logicaly everything has a limits while I still belive in 'Rules are made to be broken', obviously we face that on daily bases and we still have respect or irrespect to who broke that rule anyways its a matter of personal view to each and every aspect of Freedom.

For instanse breaking the trafic rules, would I call it freedom?
Drinking and driving!
cross backward in a one-way road!
breaking red light trafic!

In life examples
Entering someone's properties just because there were no doors or locks, well, entering someone's house for the door was open!!
Throwing some stuff from the window!
Spat in a front of somebody and not on him personally just in front of him/her!
walk in a street naked or holding a gun
passing a lane at bank or supermarket's at cashiers!

Spouse personal life
ignoring your spouse in total while talks or discuss!
Bring your friend(s) in bedroom!
enter and leave the house without any further details!

At work!
sat on your desk while puting your foot on the desktop in front of others!
disobey the managment's orders!

Its not my point to put all the limits in life that at least most of us would never break and would repsect himself being strict to those limits while some still are by culture or nature..etc
Now is there a limits to Freedom?

The answer is Yes and beyond my and your will, as everything has a limits.

But what is the freedom's limits?
Hopefully we discuss this issue in details and I would love any post in that regards, you are free to post but with logical post [Still there is a limit :)]


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