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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wafa Sultan a Zionist!

Wafa Sultan is a Syrian-American psychiatrist (from a Nusairi family).
She resides in Los Angeles, California.
Sultan and her husband David emigrated to the U.S. in 1989

Dr. Sultan is a liar on all sorts, she doesnt know from which side she would of speak, she is only attacking Islam, when she talks to Muslims, she clearly state she is Christian, but when talks to Europe and American media she call herself a Muslim, and when got caughed she would she she is athiest!

Sultan, doesnt know what she is?

In fact, she knows what's her target, ISLAM, she would of do whatever to attack Islam, it does put her on the front-page of most of the media world wide!

I will put some of her words here with the links to the sources.

[I would recommend you to read the 1st one and read the 1st comment too]

she witnessed the murder of her medical school professor in 1979 by Muslim gunmen shouting "God is great!"
"At that point," Dr. Sultan said, "I lost my trust in their god and began to question all our teachings. It was the turning point of my life, and it has led me to this present point. I had to leave. I had to look for another god."

Wafa Sultan: I didnt hear I am not Christian and not Jews, I am expert by Islamic laws and Not expert by Judism laws nor Christinity laws, but I didnt read ever..

وفاء سلطان: أنا لا أدافع عن رأيي من وجهة كوني مسيحية، أنا أريد أن أُجلي تلك النقطة، أنا لست مسيحية لا أدين بأي دين أنا إنسانة علمانية لا أؤمن بالغيبيات ولكني أحترم حق كل إنسان في أن يؤمن بها، يا أخي آمن بالحجر ولكن إياك أن تضربي بها، أنت حر في أنت تعبد من تشاء ولكن لا علاقة لك بعقائد الآخرين سواء آمنوا بأن المسيح هو الله ابن مريم أو أن الشيطان هو الله ابن مريم، اتركوا الناس في عقائدهم، حريتك تبدأ عندما تنتهي حرية الآخرين عندما تطعن في مصداقية عقائد الآخرين أنت لا تحترم تلك العقائد، يجب أن يتأكد المسلمين من تلك الحقيقة يجب أن يعرفوا تلك الحقيقة يجب أن يعيدوا النظر في تلك الحقيقة يحترم الناس عقائدك عندما تحترم عقائدهم، أما عندما توصمهم وتشتمهم بالمكذوب عليهم والضالين لا تمتلك هذا الحق، يجب أن تعرف حدك وتقف عنده..

Wafa Sultan:I dont defend my thought from my point as Christian, I want to clearfy this point

MEMRI the well known jewish owned website translated the debate between Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouli and Wafa Sultan, but the translation is not complete they only took the parts they wanted to show, so the translation has some faults and Not complete (as they didnt translated the parts when Sultan stand speechless)

She plans to continue speaking out in Arabic to try to free Muslims from "brainwashing." "I even don't believe in Islam," she says, "but I am a Muslim." By so sharply voicing her beliefs, Sultan crystallizes the mission for the rest of us who want to take the slam out of Islam.

Speaking of the Holocaust, she [Wafa Sultan]said, "The Jews have come from the tragedy and forced the world to respect them, with their knowledge, not with their terror; with their work, not with their crying and yelling."

And that what she got now .. lol

Trust me. If you are ready to change United States law to permit Arnold Swartzenegger to run for President, I am willing to change that law to vote for Wafa Sultan. She understands the enemy of civilization. She understands the enemy only too well.

Wafa Sultan is a Zionist who bowing to the Israeli and the state which been planted in the heart of Palestine, just like any Zionist around the globe, they have no specific religion, (eventhough, I still cant be sure of her religion) but there are Jews, Christian and Muslim who connected to the Zionist movement in the world.
Google search for Wafa Sultan, notice the Israeli and Jewish media about her

I hope those non-Muslims to stop speaking on Muslim's behalf!


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