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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Zionist Muslims [personal review]

I love this quote and I belive its just true
'The religion has a God that will protect it'

“The covenant (which distinguished) between us and them is prayer, so whoever abandoned it became a kafir.” Mohammed (pbuh) said.

So, who am I, or you to defend a religion?

In a time that a lot of wiered minds exists and debate on Islam's behalf and I mean certin people who looks for being on a TV, magazine or media show's front-page, are you trouly a Muslim?

Let's discuss this issue and we shall find the truoth behind all those who claim to be Muslims yet most of them may never know what Wodhu is!

I will put some names in this blog (but those are just a few)

Nonie Darwish
Biography of Nonie Darwish
An American-Egyption woman and claim to be a (Shaid/Martyr)'s daughter (she said that everytime), who also has Arabs for Israel website and trying her best to give up on a land which is not hers and she is not a Palestinian so to speak on their behalf (astead she claim to be a peaceful person and free to criticise Palestinians).

Again its “Freedom” what she claims!
Am I free to sell my neighbour's house? (for my parent once upon of time has defend it)
Is freedom meant to curse others for they defend their properties!
sound's odd!

from Nonie site
I need a calculator!

When I heard Hamas refusing to recognise the existence of Israel I went to check the Quran about Israel and Palestine.....Interestingly, Israel (That >Hamas dose not want to recognise!) was mentioned as for 49 times as a word >and as 118 times as a meaning!
While, on the other hand, Palestine" was NOT mentioned even for once!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i.e. Palatine was mentioned Zero times.
I just wondered how Hamas and the Palestinians and Muslims after this, deny the rights of Israel to exist !!!!!!!!!!

Love to you all

How dumb this comment and how stupid and ignorant this guy is 'T.Hamid (Tarek Hamid)' who seems the only one who always type in her site by different names so he discuss with himself all the time.. lol
Tarek Hamid!, Show me one single verse that mention Israel as a land? I bet you never know what Quran has to say!
Quran used the word "Banu Israel" Sons of Israel..
Is Israel a land?
well, unfortunatly thats a big mistake WRONG IN TOTAL!
Jacob (pbuh) according to all holy books is who been called Israel [read well T.Hamid!]
Jacob is the son Isaac, Isaac is the son of Abraham [pbut].
btw, also the numbers are miss-caluclated too, but its not my attention tho.

I dont know who gave the rights to those people to type with a ZERO knoweldge yet they pretend to be a scholars or someone who knows or even was a friend to a 1400+ Sahabah so to speak!

Well, Nonie also talks about her father as being a person who deserve to be assassinated by Israeli solders, this is what shocks me to the max in that regards tho!
While Nonie support the invaders against the victums she talks from another side of her mouth and claim she is against violance and that she supports peace, but what kind of peace and to whom is that peace she is all about?

The first day I attended my Catholic school, the nuns told my mother they were praying for her. The first day was very peaceful and I felt love among people for the first time in a long time. It was a different kind of love, a peaceful kind of love that wants nothing in return. Half the class was Moslem and we attended a class once a day to learn the Koran. The "Islam" teacher merely recited verses and spoke of Islamic history.

I constantly felt that the God of Islam was always angry at us and there was a constant threat of Hell. We never discussed love and a large amount of time was devoted to the wars of Mohammed and how he won most of them. He and his followers would engage in wars with other tribes from Mecca and kill and loot their caravans. They did that for 20 years until Mohamed won and Mecca surrendered. As a child, the stories scared me. I am very appreciative that my mother never insisted on us to practice Islam and she had no hatred toward other religions.
I sometimes daydream of a day in which the Moslems welcome and celebrate the Jewish existence in the Middle East and realize that the Jewish religion is not a threat to them and that it is the origin of both Christianity and Islam. Islam took a lot from Judaism and Christianity and perhaps is afraid of being exposed. Could that be why Moslems don't want to coexist with other religions?
Said Nonie in ( Your Life, Your Judaism

The Muslim Majority Must Break Its Silence by Nonie, trying to tell people to be faced down give up your properties dont look at who beat your behind and be proud of it, how coward that sound!, Nonie is preaching to Muslims world that she is a Muslim who been raised and study in Catholic schools yet she has different articles clearly showing that she is not Muslim. [agreeing to give up a holy land means your are not a Muslim]

Congratulations Nonie Darwish you became a Hero, but dont ask me to sell my underwear to be a hero like yourself, I am not a nobel writer like you, and I will never ever sell my religion nor my people for a couple of dollars like yourself.
So, stick with your words and behold, soon you will face your destiny and God will be our judge.

Some more to read about Nonie
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video Palestinians are a barbaric race without values who breed hate 'by Nonie'
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Google search for Nonie

I will type on each of those who claim to be Muslims but they love to be on shows in a serial posts. Discussion is wide open but referances is a Must!

A new start!

I know there are many blogs which talks about crushing of cultures for the sake of what so called freedom!
Now is there are limits to Freedom?
would mankind benfits of this unlimited freedom?
Logicaly everything has a limits while I still belive in 'Rules are made to be broken', obviously we face that on daily bases and we still have respect or irrespect to who broke that rule anyways its a matter of personal view to each and every aspect of Freedom.

For instanse breaking the trafic rules, would I call it freedom?
Drinking and driving!
cross backward in a one-way road!
breaking red light trafic!

In life examples
Entering someone's properties just because there were no doors or locks, well, entering someone's house for the door was open!!
Throwing some stuff from the window!
Spat in a front of somebody and not on him personally just in front of him/her!
walk in a street naked or holding a gun
passing a lane at bank or supermarket's at cashiers!

Spouse personal life
ignoring your spouse in total while talks or discuss!
Bring your friend(s) in bedroom!
enter and leave the house without any further details!

At work!
sat on your desk while puting your foot on the desktop in front of others!
disobey the managment's orders!

Its not my point to put all the limits in life that at least most of us would never break and would repsect himself being strict to those limits while some still are by culture or nature..etc
Now is there a limits to Freedom?

The answer is Yes and beyond my and your will, as everything has a limits.

But what is the freedom's limits?
Hopefully we discuss this issue in details and I would love any post in that regards, you are free to post but with logical post [Still there is a limit :)]